Science   (102 news items)

Astronomers spotted shock waves shaking the web of the universe for the first time    -     6 Mar 2023

Forthcoming genetic therapies raise serious ethical questions, experts warn    -     6 Mar 2023

New results from NASA’s DART planetary defense mission confirm we could deflect deadly asteroids    -     4 Mar 2023

SpaceX launches US, Russia, UAE astronauts to space station    -     2 Mar 2023

Ancient DNA Reveals History of Hunter-Gatherers in Europe    -     1 Mar 2023

Removing Traces of Life in Lab Helps NASA Scientists Study Its Origins    -     28 Feb 2023

NASA warns of 3 skyscraper-sized asteroids headed toward Earth this week. Thankfully, they’ll all miss.    -     27 Feb 2023

60 Scientists Call for Accelerated Research Into ‘Solar Radiation Management’ That Could Temporarily Mask Global Warming    -     27 Feb 2023

Turkey’s Earthquake Zone Is a Lot Like California’s. Here’s What That Means.    -     27 Feb 2023

A lack of problem-solving skills and rigid thinking linked to vaccine refusal, study finds    -     26 Feb 2023

Russian Soyuz spacecraft docks with ISS to replace damaged capsule    -     26 Feb 2023

Scientists grow electrodes in brain, thanks to a simple viscous gel    -     23 Feb 2023

An organism used as fire starter for centuries could replace some plastics, study finds    -     22 Feb 2023

Black holes may be quietly generating the force that is tearing the universe apart, experts say    -     22 Feb 2023

Moon and Venus to make spectacularly close approach in evening sky    -     22 Feb 2023

There Might Be a Simple Reason We Haven’t Found Life on Mars    -     22 Feb 2023

A “Fundamental Discovery” in Science - New Form of Salty Ice Could Exist on Extraterrestrial Moons    -     21 Feb 2023

Fragments of ‘Valentine’s fireball’ meteorite fall in southern Italy    -     19 Feb 2023

Prairie Voles Born via C-Section Can’t Bond: Is Birth Key to How We Love and Relate?    -     17 Feb 2023

We Should Narrow Our Search For Life To The “Photosynthetic Habitable Zone””    -     17 Feb 2023