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Nederlanders die omkwamen bij Slag in de Javazee herdacht in Indonesië
nos.nl    -     27 Feb 2023

On this day in history, Feb. 27, 1827, New Orleans celebrates Mardi Gras for first time
foxnews.com    -     27 Feb 2023

Ronald Reagan: The original RINO
thehill.com    -     26 Feb 2023

An elite Bronze Age man who underwent brain surgery 3,500 years ago may have suffered from leprosy, archaeologists believe
businessinsider.com    -     26 Feb 2023

Bruins’ goalie Linus Ullmark becomes 8th netminder in NHL history to score goal on own shot
foxnews.com    -     25 Feb 2023

Today’s Iconic Moment in NY Sports: Phil Rizzuto elected to the HOF
nypost.com    -     25 Feb 2023

Earliest evidence of bow and arrow use outside Africa unearthed in France
edition.cnn.com    -     23 Feb 2023

Former Black Panther Angela Davis shocked to learn she is a descendant of the Mayflower
foxnews.com    -     23 Feb 2023

Family comes face to face with 1,400-year-old decorative clay figure
timesofisrael.com    -     21 Feb 2023

Ronald Reagan’s Singular Grand Strategy
nationalreview.com    -     21 Feb 2023

Henry Kissinger at 100: history will judge the former US secretary of state’s southern African interventions to be a failure
news.yahoo.com    -     21 Feb 2023

Presidents Day: It’s not just a day for an appliance sale. So who does it celebrate? Lincoln or Washington?
eu.usatoday.com    -     19 Feb 2023

Mystery of Civil War-Era Union Army Gold Deepens with FBI Records
military.com    -     19 Feb 2023

An American submarine that went missing in World War II is found off of Japan’s coast
npr.org    -     19 Feb 2023

How archaeologists recreated the face of Hinat - a Nabataean woman buried in Saudi Arabia’s Hegra 2,000 years ago
arabnews.com    -     18 Feb 2023

Vietnam veteran’s dog tag found in rice field, returned to family 57 years later
nypost.com    -     18 Feb 2023

Discovery of 4,500-year-old palace in Iraq may hold key to ancient civilisation
theguardian.com    -     17 Feb 2023

South Korean defence minister denies Vietnam War massacres
aljazeera.com    -     17 Feb 2023

Discovery of ‘superhighways’ suggests early Mayan civilization was more advanced than previously thought
edition.cnn.com    -     16 Feb 2023

On this day in history, Feb. 16, 1968, first 911 call is made, the emergency system fueled by shocking murder
foxnews.com    -     16 Feb 2023