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Vicieuze cirkel van smeltende polen en stijgende zeespiegel dreigt als temperatuur op Aarde nog verder stijgt
scientias.nl    -     18 Feb 2023

Ohio is facing a chemical disaster. Biden must declare a state of emergency
theguardian.com    -     18 Feb 2023

World to face wars over food and water without climate action, EU green deal chief says
cnbc.com    -     17 Feb 2023

Going black, not green: Curbing US oil, gas production would hurt the environment, report finds
news.yahoo.com    -     17 Feb 2023

Water crisis in West: Massive reservoir Lake Powell hits historic low water level
eu.usatoday.com    -     17 Feb 2023

The climate change real estate bubble risks billions
axios.com    -     17 Feb 2023

Dumping 1M gallons of radioactive water in Hudson is ‘best option,’ per Indian Point nuclear plant owner
gothamist.com    -     17 Feb 2023

Feedback Loops Could Heat Earth ‘Beyond Anything Humans Can Control’
newsweek.com    -     17 Feb 2023

Skylarks, starlings and mistle thrushes: Endangered songbirds licensed to be killed for sport in UK
euronews.com    -     17 Feb 2023

Great Salt Lake’s retreat poses a major fear: poisonous dust clouds
theguardian.com    -     16 Feb 2023

Study: Don’t blame climate change for South American drought
apnews.com    -     16 Feb 2023

After toxic train derailment, Ohio residents report rashes and worries
washingtonpost.com    -     16 Feb 2023

Rapid acceleration of sea level rise may be unavoidable
earth.com    -     16 Feb 2023

The world’s largest natural skating rink is closed because it’s too warm
washingtonpost.com    -     16 Feb 2023

World risks descending into a climate ‘doom loop’, warn thinktanks
theguardian.com    -     16 Feb 2023

Refined Model Predicts Loss of Antarctic-Greenland Ice Sheets, Rapid Sea-Level Rise If Globe Warms Past 1.8°C
weather.com    -     15 Feb 2023

Floating ice around Antarctica just hit a record low
washingtonpost.com    -     14 Feb 2023

Climate change may already be spreading malaria mosquitos
washingtonpost.com    -     14 Feb 2023

Rising seas threaten ‘mass exodus on a biblical scale’, UN chief warns
theguardian.com    -     14 Feb 2023

Deep sea mining noise poses harm to blue whales, scientists warn
theguardian.com    -     14 Feb 2023


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