Religion   (14 news items)

Pope Benedict had book published after his death because his writings provoked ‘a murderous clamor’ from critics    -     24 Jan 2023

A Decades-Old Warning for Evangelical Christians Is More Relevant Than Ever    -     22 Jan 2023

Christianity in America is declining, but here’s why that gives this podcasting priest hope    -     22 Jan 2023

Lutherans ordain first Palestinian woman pastor in Holy Land    -     22 Jan 2023

Atheist group accuses Indiana sheriff’s office of ‘pushing Christianity’ on inmates after hundreds baptized    -     22 Jan 2023

This prominent pastor says Christian nationalism is ‘a form of heresy’    -     21 Jan 2023

Nancy Pelosi reportedly summons priests to exorcise home of evil spirits    -     21 Jan 2023

Eeuwige grafrust: een wens van moslims, maar in de praktijk niet eeuwig    -     21 Jan 2023

Rechts-extremist verbrandt Koran voor Turkse ambassade in Zweden    -     21 Jan 2023

Moslimleerlingen Leidsche Rijn College krijgen geen gebedsruimte: ’Openbaar onderwijs is neutraal’    -     21 Jan 2023

After Disney Rejects The Divinity Of Jesus Christ During Their Candlelight Processional, Lutheran Leader Calls For Parents To Ditch Disney To Save Their Kids’ Hearts And Minds    -     19 Jan 2023

Is Bitcoin a Religion? A Scholar of Religion Explains    -     19 Jan 2023

A new Supreme Court case could turn every workplace into a religious battleground    -     18 Jan 2023

American Religion Is Not Dead Yet    -     16 Jan 2023