Trust Officer & Accountant

Integro Financial Services B.V.

is now Bank Insinger de Beaufort N.V.

Trust Department
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
May 1, 1991 - July 31, 1993

  • Responsible for maintaining relations with my clients (50 à 60 clients) and processing the financial administration including financial statements for these clients. My clients were mostly English speaking based all over the world, for which I administered trusts and operating companies. This included contacts with bankers, accountants, trading partners and employees of my clients’ companies.
  • I was responsible for the financial administration of a BVI company and a Turks & Caicos insurance company (group company) these two companies comprised part of a “scheme” in which some of my clients participated.
  • Next to the financial administration for clients I was also asked to administer the Swiss A.G. in which our trust activities took place. This administration also included the annual billing of fees and the quarterly billing of disbursements.
  • I built a dBaseIII+ application which allowed us to accurately register disbursements per entity and per client. This enabled us to bill clients per quarter and meant that the billing of disbursements was more precise.

  • Bank Insinger de Beaufort used AccPac and Platinum for the financial administration.
  • Lotus 123 was used for analysis.
  • Because of Bank Insinger de Beaufort’s historical ties with South Africa the office language is English